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Corona Virus Reassurance

Our kitchen
  • all staff are closely monitored and if they or of their families develop any symptoms they will be instructed to remain at home.
  • Hygiene in the kitchen has never been higher despite already having 5*, we have gone so so much further.
  • We are fortunate to have hand sanitizer and so this is in constant use. Along with an emphasis on constantly and rigorously washing hands.
  • All sides are continuously sanitised along with all equipment.
  • We are conscious of anything new entering the kitchen and so when and where necessary extra care is taken
  • We have spoken with all of our suppliers and have demanded the same level of consideration be taken.
Your delivery
  • we only accept payments over the phone and so no contact is required at your door
  • Our deliveries will be left on your doorstep and we will step a safe distance away from your door
  • Despite no contact, we are conscious that a bell may have been pressed or a door knocked and so gloves will be worn to deliver and disposed of prior to returning to the restaurant
  • Hands will be sanitised the moment we return back from delivery

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